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WG3 Meeting Bulgaria



A kick-off meeting of WG3 Data collection, analysis, standardisation and harmonisation on alien freshwater species in Bulgaria was held on 05 August 2015 in Sofia. Experts from the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), Executive Environment Agency with the Ministry of Environment and Water, National Museum of Natural History, BAS, and the Hidrobiological Institute Ohrid, participated in the meeting.


The meeting had the following objectives:

•        Present the ESENIAS-TOOLS project and WG3 activities planned for Bulgaria

•        Discuss the working lists of alien freshwater species for Bulgaria

•        Discuss methods for data collection and analysis

•        Approve data templates and protocols

•        Present preliminary work on the case studies.


Talks and discussions focused on:the planned WG3 activities, terminology, species lists of alien freshwater species in Bulgaria, methods for data collection and analysis, preparation of fact sheets and maps.


The four ESENIAS-TOOLS case studies were presented:

  • Case study 1: Biological and ecological traits of invasive alien freshwater mussels in Bulgaria >>>
  • Case study 2: Comparative study on the effect of hydrological regime on the distribution of the invasive diatom Didymosphenia geminata in extreme environments (Icelandic rivers and lakes, and Bulgarian high-mountain lakes) >>>
  • Case study 3: Assessment of the impact of alien species on the biodiversity and endemism of ancient Balkan lakes (Lake Ohrid case study) >>>
  • Case study 4: Estimating dispersal routes for IAS >>>



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