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Sava TIES 3rd Training




ESENIAS participated in Sava TIES 3rd Training, which was held online on 24 February 2021.


The training was organised within the project Preserving Sava River Basin Habitats through Transnational Management of Invasive Alien Species (DTP2-096-2.3 – Sava TIES) (2018–2021), funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme and coordinated by EuroNatur Foundation, Germany.


The Sava TIES project overall objective is to develop a strategic framework for cross-sectoral, transnational management, control and eradication of invasive alien species (IAS) in the protected areas network of the Sava River basin. Through development of tools, mapping and monitoring protocols, capacity building and joint development and pilot implementation of measures, it is aimed to reduce habitat fragmentation and improve the connectivity of the transnational ecological corridor. The project is implemented in all four countries of the Sava River basin: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. 


Teodora Trichkova (Trichkova T., Todorov M., Vladimirov V., Tomov R., & Uludag A.) presented on IAS in the Danube Region – networking and strategy development. Further, Prof. Ahmet Uludag (Uludag A., Trichkova T., Tomov R., Aksoy N., Vladimirov V. & Uremis İ.) talked about regional level collaborative work on IAS under ESENIAS: Suggestions for agriculture and forestry. Two case studies were presented from the region: ‘IAS management in the Sava River Flood Plain in Slovenia’ by Doc. Dr. Blaž Repe, and ‘Invasive species and the danger in the adaptability of forest ecosystems to climate change in Serbia’ by Dr. Mihailo Ratknić. Their experience on IAS management shared Dr. Llewellyn Foxcroft from Kruger National Park, South Africa, Prof. Dr. Marcel Rejmánek from California, USA, and Prof. Dr. Brendon M. H. Larson who talked about Managing Invasive Species in the Anthropocene.


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