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ESENIAS & DIAS conference 2022 and 11th ESENIAS Workshop



Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference 2022 and

11th ESENIAS Workshop



Invasive alien species under conditions of global crisis


13-15 November 2022


Demre, Antalya, Turkey

In-person and Virtual Format


Organised by:


General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture,

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkey (GDFA)


General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies,

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkey


East and South European Network for Invasive Alien Species (ESENIAS)


Danube Region Invasive Alien Species Network (DIAS)


Mediterranean Fisheries Research, Production and Training Institute (MFRPTI),

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Demre, Antalya, Turkey


In cooperation with:


Faculty of Agriculture, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria (IBER-BAS)


Faculty of Agriculture, University of Forestry, Bulgaria


Faculty of Science, Hacettepe University, Turkey


SuEkos, Turkey


EWRS Invasive Alien Plants Working Group


Organising Committee

Mustafa Altuğ Atalay, GDFA (Chair)

Mahir Kanyılmaz, GDFA (Co-chair)

Ahmet Uludağ, ÇOMÜ, ESENIAS, DIAS, SUEKOS, EWRS IP WG (Co-chair)

Teodora Trichkova, IBER-BAS, ESENIAS, DIAS (Co-chair)

F. Güler Ekmekçi, Hacettepe University, ESENIAS (Co-chair)

Paraskevi Karachle, HCMR, ESENIAS (Co-chair)

Rumen Tomov, University of Forestry, ESENIAS, DIAS (Co-chair)


Derya Özcan, GDFA

Elvan Tercan, GDFA

Baran Yoğutçuoğlu, Hacettepe University Bojan Konstantinovic, Novi Sad University, EWRS IP WG

Herdem Aslan, SuEkos

Hristina Kalcheva, IBER-BAS, ESENIAS

Murat Şeker, ÇOMÜ

Serkan Erkan, MFRPTI

Durali Eraslan, MFRPTI

Mehmet Ali Turan Koçer, MFRPTI



Scientific Committee

Ahmet Uludağ, Turkey (Chair)

Teodora Trichkova, Bulgaria (Co-chair)

Paraskevi Karachle, Greece (Co-chair)

F. Güler Ekmekçi, Turkey (Co-chair)

Mahir Kanyılmaz, Turkey (Co-chair)

Rumen Tomov, Bulgaria (Co-chair)

Abdullah Ünlü, Turkey

Ahmet Tansel Serim, Turkey

Ali Serhan Tarkan, Turkey

Angela Bănăduc, Romania

Argyro Zenetos, Greece

Bella Japoshvili, Georgia

Bojan Simovski, R. North Macedonia

Dan Cogălniceanu, Romania

Doru Bănăduc, Romania

Durali Eraslan, Turkey

Elena Tricarico, Italy

Halit Filiz, Turkey

Hristina Kalcheva, Bulgaria

Hüseyin Sevgili, Turkey

İlhan Üremiş, Turkey

İlker Kurbetli, Turkey

Khawar Jabran, Turkey

Konstantin Zdraveski, R. North Macedonia

Mehmet Ali Turan Koçer, Turkey

Mohammad Taghi Alebrahim, Iran

Mustafa Altuğ Atalay, Turkey

Necmi Aksoy, Turkey

Nihat Tursun, Turkey

Okan Acar, Turkey

Sasho Trajanovski, R. North Macedonia

Şerife Gülsün Kırankaya, Turkey

Serkan Erkan, Turkey

Süleyman Türkseven, Turkey

Sven Jelaska, Croatia

Violeta Tyufekchieva, Bulgaria

Vladimir Vladimirov, Bulgaria

Yuriy Kvach, Ukraine


Conference Overview


Following the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic it is well acknowledged that human activities, such as mobility and transport, which favour the introduction and spread of invasive alien species, has been reduced. Moreover, the political crisis in Europe, induced mainly by the war in Ukraine, and the resulting energy crisis are further expected to affect everyday life and activities.

Under this scope, the Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference 2022 aims at: 

  • Update on current ESENIAS and DIAS project activities and outcomes
  • Exchange of information on other IAS related initiatives carried out in the region, such as national and local monitoring programmes, risk assessments, pathway analyses and action plans, control and eradication projects, management plans and national strategies, citizen science activities and responsibilities, data planning and management
  • Discuss and propose innovative approaches and solutions for implementation of IAS research and management strategies at regional level
  • Enhance cooperation and networking among scientists in the ESENIAS and DIAS regions and with other networks, organisationsand projects.


Scientific Topics


  1. Invasive alien species traits and trends – invasive alien species introduction and spread, biological and ecological traits; characteristics of recipient environment; invasive alien species and climate change; viruses, bacteria and other small organisms as IAS
  2. Vectors and pathways for invasive alien species introductions – analysis, prioritisation, action plans
  3. The Danube River as invasive alien species corridor – priority species for the Danube Region, impact on threatened species, specificity of biological invasions in the Lower, Middle and Upper Danube River sections
  4. Invasive alien species impact – impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services, impact on human health, safety and the economy; pests and pathogens; adverse impact on protected areas, endangered species and habitats
  5. Invasive alien species prevention and management – early detection and rapid eradication, surveillance systems; risk assessment and horizon scanning; control measures; restoration of damaged ecosystems; education, citizen science, strategies, policy and legislation
  6. Management and sharing of IAS data – IAS networks and information systems, databases, data planning and management
  7. Other topics – general aspects related to the quality of the aquatic and terrestrial environements and associetied biological communities, which may influence the introduction and spread of IAS, as well as the application of prevention and management measures; forest fires and IAS; mucilage and IAS.


Important Information

The official language of the conference will be English.

Authors are invited to submit their contributions related to one or more of the scientific topics given above. The scientific presentations will be oral or poster. Each presentation should indicate the most appropriate topic.

All contributions will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee members. The reviewers reserve the right to change the scientific topic and form of presentation (oral/ poster) in case of thematic consideration or timing.



Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in a Book of Abstracts.

The authors are invited to submit full papers for publication in the following journals, according to the requirements of the corresponding journal:

  • International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Agricultural Research (https://ijiaar.penpublishing.net/)
  • Journal Of Agriculture and Nature (http://dogadergi.ksu.edu.tr/en/): Without publication fee. Deadline for submission of full papers – 31st December 2022.
  • Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research (http://stiinte.ulbsibiu.ro/trser/): Full paper submission to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



Mediterranean Fisheries Research, Production and Training Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MFRPTI)

Demre District of Antalya (130 km far from Antalya), Turkey (https://goo.gl/maps/VBU2bCwVP6u9LjHv6)


Transport from/to Airport

Transport (by shuttles) from Airport and Bus Terminal of Antalya to Demre on 12th November 2022 and from Demre to Airport and Bus Terminal of Antalya on 16th November 2022 will be provided for free by the Orginisers depending on the arrival times of participants.

Transport will be provided for free also from Antalya (starting point will be specified later) to Demre on 13th November 2022 in the morning for participants who would like to stay one night in Antalya.



We recommend staying at the MFRPTI Guesthouse (with 70 rooms, meeting halls and 3-star restaurant) because no transportation to Conference Venue will be needed.

Accommodation will cost €25 per night per person (including breakfast, lunch and dinner). Payment can be made at arrival in cash (with Turkish lira/ TRY; 19 TRY is approximately 1 Euro) or by credit card.

Other options for accommodation close to the venue are:

  • Winecity Hotel  >>>
  • Beymelek Taş Evler  >>>

Other options for accommodation can be found in Finike (about 30 km far from the Conference Venue). It can be reached for 20 minutes by car and 40 minutes by bus.



Excursion will be organised and further details will be sent later.


Registration Fee is Not Required!


Key Dates

Abstract submission:      extended until 6th November 2022

Registration:                    extended until 6th November 2022




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Abstract submission

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For registration and submission of abstracts.