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The 39th IAD Conference: Living Danube was held on 21-24 August 2012 in Szentendre, Hungary (http://www.iad.gs; www.iad39.org). It was organized by the Danube Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the General Secretariat IAD. The guiding topic of the Conference was: "Living Danube - Integrating human utilization and ecosystem functioning for a sustainable future of one of the major European Rivers". More than 100 scientists and managers from 14 countries in the Danube River Basin participated in the Conference.

ESENIAS representatives participated at the conference and presented a poster entitled "Distribution of aquatic invasive alien species in the standing water bodies in the Danube River Basin, Bulgaria" co-authored by T. Trichkova, L. Kenderov, D. Kozuharov, Z. Hubenov and I. Botev. The goals and activities of ESENIAS were also presented during the poster sessions at the Conference. Numerous discussions on potential collaboration within the framework of IAD and ESENIAS were held.

The output of the conference is available in two printed documents: 80 short abstracts are published in the Conference Book of Abstracts and 33 extended abstracts are published in the Conference Proceedings. A resolution of the 39th IAD conference "Living Danube" in Szentendre Hungary was issued.


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