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New marine records in the ESENIAS region (April 2015)



A collective article on New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records (April 2015) has been published in the Mediterranean Marine Science. The authors leaded by Dr. Argyro Zenetos from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Greece) reported on new native and alien species in the Mediterranean, including the ESENIAS region.


The new records of alien species include: the antenna codlet Bregmaceros atlanticus in Saronikos Gulf; three new fish records and two decapods from Egypt; the establishment of the two spot cardinal fish Cheilodipterus novemstriatus and the first record of the marble shrimp Saron marmoratus in semi-dark caves along the Lebanese coastline; the finding of Lagocephalus sceleratus, Sargocentron rubrum, Fistularia commersonii and Stephanolepis diaspros around Lipsi island (Aegean Sea, Greece); the decapod Penaeus hathor in Aegean waters; the decapod Penaeus aztecus and the nudibranch Melibe viridis in the Dodecanese islands; the finding of Pinctada imbricata radiata in the Mar Grande of Taranto (Ionian Sea, Italy) and the Maliakos Gulf (Greece).


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Zenetos A., E.H. Kh. Akel, C. Apostolidis, M. Bilecenoglu, G. Bitar, V. Buchet, N. Chalari, M. Corsini-Foka, F. Crocetta, A. Dogrammatzi, M. Drakulić, G. Fanelli, G. Giglio, A. Imsiridou, K. Kapiris, P. K. Karachle, S. Kavadas, G. Kondylatos, E. Lefkaditou, L. Lipej, B. Mavrič, G. Minos, R. Moussa, E. Prato, M. A. Pancucci-Papadopoulou, W. Renda, N. Rios, S. I. Rizkalla, F. Russo, M. Servonnat, A. Siapatis, E. Sperone, J. A. Theodorou, F. Tiralongo, I. Tzovenis2015. New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records (April 2015). Mediterranean Marine Science 16 (1): 266-284. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/ mms.1292 >>>


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